This chart looks best on a desk or lap top computer

550 ypp

or less

550 to 


770 to 915

915 to 1098

1098 to 1299

1299 to 1646

1646 to 2100

2500 and up

yards per pound

what Spinderellas call it

bulky or rug yarn




worsted to 1200




1601- 2000


2001- 2500

stitches per inch


2.75 to 3.75

4 to 4.5

4.75 to 5.25

5.5 to 6

6 to 7

7 to 8


wraps per inch

6 or less

7 to 8

8 to 9

10 to 11

12 to 14

15 to 17

18 to 20

more than 21

needle size

US 13

9 mm

US 10-11

6-8 mm

US 8-9


US 7-8

4.75-5 mm

US 5-6

3.75 - 4 mm

US 3-5

2.25 - 3.75 mm

US 1-2 

2.25-3.25 mm

US 1


Many have asked us what yarn symbol to put on their yarn tags to sell.

We have compiled, what we think is accurate, based on labels we have read, and have come up with a chart to make it easier for you.

We are not changing our prices and what we call certain weight yarns, but you can use this chart to see where your skeins of yarn fall. 

We always put your ypp= yards per pound- next to the fleece we spin, on your invoice,  so you always know what it is. From your invoice you can then look at the yards per pound and all the information we have complied for you.  Wpi= wraps per inch

To figure ypp it is good idea to wrap your yarn around a ruler for 2 inches. Divide the number in half. This is your ypp. You could do it for one inch, but 2 inches divided in half seems to be more accurate.

The yarn should touch but not overlap. Do not wrap too loosely or tightly or your number will be off. 


To figure yards per pound on any skein of yarn, simply take the yards of the skein, divide it by the weight and multiply it by 16. Of course this is for pounds, not metric.

Example: 250 yards = 3 ounces

250 /3 x 16 = 1333.34 ypp   This falls in the DK range, but some would say sport.