Handcrafted Value Added Items

Our current turn around time is 12-24 weeks, depending on the processes you require,  from the time your order arrives at Spinderellas Fiber Mill until the time we invoice you. These items will take more time to create for you, so we ask for your patience as our artists work to make you items of beauty from your fibers. We have added a few slides of some of the work our artisans create with information on current costs. 

Prices are in addition to processing costs.


Please fill out an ORDER FORM and place in the bags. If you have questions, please write to info@spinderellas.com.

We try to answer quickly. We also try to answer the phone, but often we cannot hear the phone in the mill. 

    Note on handwoven or knitted products: 

              As a handcrafted item, we would like you to understand how unique your end product will be. 

              There will be variations to each piece, making them a one of a kind item, even if they were                        constructed with the same materials. We believe this is what makes them desirable.


We finish all rugs with a sewn - hemmed edge because fringed rugs are hard to manage, and truthfully, we think fringe went out in the 70's. :-) 

Unless there is a huge difference in the measurements that were specified, we will NOT reweave or knit your finished items. 

  • 2' x 3 '     $42 each       minimum 6

  • 2' x 6'      $72 each       minimum 4

  • 3' x 5 '     $90 each       minimum 2

  • 4' x 4 '     $96 each       minimum 4

  • 4' x 6 '     $144 each     minimum 4

  • 34" x 36"   Saddle Pad with Tassels                 $50 each     minimum 6

Prices figured on $6 per square foot, plus the cost of processing

  • ​14" x 17" Placemats       $12 each  minimum 6

  • ​14" x 36" Tablerunner     $36 each  minimum 4


These pieces can be woven from core spun rug yarn or from a 600 yard per pound 2 ply.

You can chose fringe, but we prefer to do a hemmed finish.

Prices figured on $6 per square foot, plus the cost of processing

  • Hand felted Dryer balls 

  • 8-12 dryer balls per pound

$18.75 per pound

includes washing, carding and felting based on  finished weight 

2 pound minimum charge

Alpaca, llama and mohair require wool to be added.

Currently the wool blend is $1.25 per ounce


  • deluxe handle that allows for adjusting one time

  • sturdy and strong clip

$11 per leash - plus cost of processing

They are made with 2 or 4 strands twisted together and we generally will make some of each. 

Large animal leads can be made with a heavy bull clip instead of a leash clip.

In approximately 150 yards you will get 12 or so leashes at 6'.

Shawls are 38-40" x 85" 

minimum order 3  

$75 each


These shawls are woven with your light worsted

 weight yarn.

They are finished with plain or twisted fringed.

They are washed to create a nice handle and finish.

Each shawl will need about 1.5 pounds of fiber.

  • Small -  8-12” x 65”    $38 each   

  • Large -  8-12” x 80”    $46 each  

Minimum order is 6 scarves.

Scarves are woven with your light worsted yarn.

They are washed and finishes with

                      plain or twisted fringe. them with fringe

Each scarf will need approx. 8- 12 ounces of yarn

Minimum order 3 

$99 each


Our throws are approximately

40" x 60 " woven with your light worsted weight yarn. 

Each throw is hem stitched and washed

Each throw will need approximately 3 pounds of yarn.

  • Double Knit Beanie / no pompom              $14 each                 minimum 8

  • Double Knit Beanie / with pompom            $14 each                 minimum 8

  • Double Knit Bear Beanie                            $17 each                 minimum 8

  • Cowl                                                            $12 each                 minimum 12

  • Infinity Scarf                                                $18 each                 minimum 8

Each knitted hat weights approximately 4 ounces

Each Infinity scarves weight approximately 6-8 ounces

Each Cowl weights about 2-3 ounces

Mugs and Coasters with your logo

Add a few mugs and coasters to your store with your logo or animal photos

11 Ounce mugs - $7.50 each 
minimum 12
3.75" Square Coaster -$2.50 each - minimum 12
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At Spinderellas Creations Fiber Processing Mill, we are committed to our core philosophies:

  • sustainability

  • minimally processed wool- alpaca - mohair

  • hands that touch each item from farm to finished goods

  • support of local ranchers

  • support of local business

  • slow craft /slow textile products.

For us it’s more than a philosophy,

it's a way of life.

A portion of the money from your order goes to support Footprints of the Son. An non-profit helping disabled children in Haiti.

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