Handcrafted Value Added Items

Available on a limited basis - by appointment only

Our current processing time is up to 8 months and additional value added processing can be an additional 8 months.

We understand this is a very long wait, and may not be something you are interested in.

Prices are in addition to processing costs of washing, carding, yarn unless otherwise noted and you will be charged for the work Spinderellas has done for you at the time of completion. Another charge will be sent when your finished good are complete.


Please fill out an ORDER FORM and place in the bags. If you have questions, please write to info@spinderellas.com.

We try to answer quickly. We also try to answer the phone, but often we cannot hear the phone in the mill. 

wool and alpaca dryer balls
  • Hand felted Dryer balls 

  • 8-12 dryer balls per pound

$14.75 per pound

plus the cost of washing, carding. 

2 pound minimum charge


If llama or alpaca we will add a minimum of 25% wool to your roving to help it felt. For coarser blankets but NOT 2nds or 3rds!

boot insert.png
  • Have your fiber needle felted into thick shoe insert felt. Great to cut into rectangles and have your customers trace their own foot- makes them very custom!! 

  • Finished size approximately

    • 38" x60" 

    • 2.5- 3 pounds each

$35 per pound

includes cost of washing, carding and felting 

2 pound minimum charge

Hair fibers such as llama, alpaca, some long wools require an addition of corriedale cross wool to hold together to felt. This is an additional charge.


  • deluxe handle that allows for adjusting one time

  • sturdy and strong clip

$14 per leash - plus cost of processing your fiber into yarn.

3 ply bulky or Rug Yarn

They are made with 2 or 4 strands twisted together and we generally will make some of each. 

Large animal leads can are made with a heavy bull clip instead of a leash clip and are 10 - 12 feet in length.

In approximately 150 yards you will get 12+ or so leashes at 6'.

handcrafted wool/alpaca leashes