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Handcrafted Value Added Items

Available on a very limited basis - by appointment only

Our current processing time is up to 8 months and additional value added processing can be an additional 2 months.

We understand this is a very long wait, and may not be something you are interested in.

Prices are in addition to processing costs of washing, carding, yarn unless otherwise noted and you will be charged for the work Spinderellas has done for you at the time of completion. Another charge will be sent when your finished good are complete.


Please fill out an ORDER FORM and place in the bags. If you have questions, please write to

We try to answer quickly. We also try to answer the phone, but often we cannot hear the phone in the mill. 

wool and alpaca dryer balls
  • Hand felted Dryer balls 

  • 8-12 dryer balls per pound

$16.00 per pound

plus the cost of washing, carding. 

3 pound minimum charge


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