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Image by Anastasia Zhenina

More Projects & Patterns
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Spinderella's Rug Yarn Pouf

These are great fun to make , whether as a decoration, ottoman or great floor pillow- you can have one made up in an afternoon.

Crochet Wool- Alpaca Pouf

Boot Style Slippers

A basic sock with a twist

Slippers with a sole

Wool Pillows

This is a great tutorial made by an old friend of ours. Easy to understand, you can make pillows stuffed with 2.5 pound batts from your fiber.

Stack of Wool Pillows

My Baba's Papuchi Slippers

These are great fun to make, and for me, Lynn, it brings back fond memories of my Baba. She was always crocheting..... I remade this pattern from an old pair I had from her, but the pattern is knitted.

Knitted Slippers

Tiny Knitted Gnomes

Easy to knit - Fun Little Gnomes for Gifts or to sell


Make your own Dryer Balls

We make them, but why not make your own? We could never have enough in stock when we were doing markets. Make great gifts!

Lots of Wool Dryer Balls
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