Custom Processing Pricing

Due to severe allergies- we do NOT process RABBIT




though we have approved a few customers to wash their own fleeces, clean for you is not clean for our machines.

This causes issues with the end product, not to mention our equipment and the time it takes to stop the flow of our mill

to wash a batch of fiber that was said to be clean. If you want to prewash your fibers to save on shipping and washing weights, know that we will still wash your fibers and you will still be charged.

We love creating beautiful roving and yarn for you and that will not happen with dirty fiber.

Prices subject to change without notice

Washing Services

based on incoming weight

Wool..................... $6.00 per pound

Alpaca/llam........  $7.50 per pound

Mohair................... $6.00 per pound

Skirting .................$2.50 per pound

Dyeing...................$10.00 per pound

Washing charges added to all orders 

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

Custom Carding

based on finished weight

Wool     .....................$6.75 per pound

Mohair  .....................$8.75 per pound

Alpaca  .....................$9.75 per pound

               Additional Charges

Angelina Added........$4.00 per pound

Thrums Added..........$4.00 per pound

Heavy VM .................$3.00 per pound

Extra Carding............$2.50 per pound

Plus washing charges

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

Custom Carded Batts

based on finished weight


8 oz batts ................$11.50 per pound

4 oz batts ................$14.50 per pound


8 oz batts ................$15.50 per pound

4 oz batts ...............$18.50 per pound

We will add 30% merino to all some long wools, alpaca and mohair batts @ $2.50 an oz. These do not hold together well. Adding wool helps

Batt size : approximately  48" x 48"

plus washing charges

see value added page

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge


Spinning prices include tumbling, carding and spinning, skeining to our specified yardage and steaming.

based on 2 pound minimum finished weight per fleece.


Washing charges are extra base on the incoming weight of your fiber.


* If you are selling your yarn , we suggest getting counted skeins to YOUR specifications. We will put yards and ounces on the finished orderform.*

We have priced our yarns based on the single we need to spin to obtain your finished yarn.

Spinderellas Thrums Yarn



Why?  Elasticity is determined by the scales of a fiber. Alpaca is stretchy, due to the scales of the fiber being short and smooth.

The fiber of alpaca do not  "lock" together well. 

This results in 100% alpaca yarns having a tendency to stretch, and unlike wool it will not shrink back into place when washed.

Not sure what weight of yarn you want? Here is an easy way to figure it out. 

Take a skein of commercial yarn you love working with and look at the wrapper. It will tell you approximate yardage for the weight.

Many times it will have the yarn in grams. We round the grams to ounce. 

Take the number of grams and convert to ounces 

Equation: 16 divided by # of ounces x yardage will give you  yards per pound (ypp)

Example: 204 yards  is 50 grams

Take 16 ( ounces) and divide it by 1.76 ( ounces per 50 grams) = 9.09

Multiply 9.09 and the number of yards, in this case 204 = 1854 yards in one pound. ( our fingering)

Single Ply Bulky

based on finished weight 


  • Under 500 yards per pound

  • $23.00 per pound- wool

  • $23.00 per pound - alpaca/mohair

  • 100 yard skeins

Plus washing charges

Cone deposit $1.00 per cone

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

Lopi Single/2 Ply 300- 500

based on finished weight 

LOPI SINGLE or 2 PLY 300-500 ypp

  • 501-800 yards per pound

  • $23.00 per pound - wool

  • $24.00 per pound - alpaca/mohair

  • 150 yard skeins

Plus washing charges

Cone deposit $1.00 per cone

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

2 Ply Worsted/3 Ply Bulky

based on finished weight 


  •  800-1200 yards per pound

  • $25.00 per pound - wool

  • $29.00 per pound -alpaca/mohair

  • 250 yard skeins

Plus washing charges

Cone deposit $1.00 per cone

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

2 Ply Sport/3 Ply Worsted

based on finished weight 


  • 1201 - 1600  yards per pound

  • $30.00 per pound - wool 

  • $34.00 per pound - alpaca/mohair

  • 250 yard skeins

Plus washing charges

Cone deposit $1.00 per cone

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

2 Ply Fingering

based on finished weight 


  • 1601 -2000 yards per pound

  • $34.00 per pound- wool

  • $38.00 per pound - alpaca

3 ply fingering - 1600- 1800 ypp 

  • $45.00 per pound- wool 

  • $49.00 per pound - alpaca/mohair

  •  400 yard skeins 

Plus washing charges

Cone deposit $1.00 per cone

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

2 Ply Lace/3 Ply Sport-DK

based on finished weight 

2 PLY LACE / 3 PLY Sport- DK

  • 2001 - 2400 yards per pound

  • $40.00 per pound - wool

  • $44.00 per pound - alpaca/mohair

  • 400 yard skeins 

Plus washing charges

Cone deposit $1.00 PER CONE

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

Rug Yarn

based on finished weight 

1 ply Rug Yarn - Heavy Cotton Core

  • $12.75 per pound 

  • 150- 300 yard bumps

Plus washing charges

We will skein to your specified skein sizes for

50 cents per skein. 

Great for our dog leashes

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

Squishy Yarn

based on finished weight 

1 ply Squishy Yarn - fine lace weight core

  • $14.75 per pound 

  • 150- 200 yard bumps

Plus washing charges

We will skein to your specified skein sizes for

50 cents per skein. 

Based on a 2 pound minimum charge

Yarn Information Video

Please watch the video if you are having us spin yarn for you. 

Many new customers contact us panicked with the first yarn order from Spinderellas , but note, we bundle the skeins in about 1 pound lots. 

We are getting to old to hand twist all the skeins of yarn we do each year. :-) 

Why your yarn may have unspun, or slubs in the yarn- please watch our video

Fibers looking like the below photos will be rejected and tossed onsite!!!

Color Stain
Blending Fiber Pricing

Prices current as of 2/2021

21 micron Dyed Merino Wool                                                             $ 2.50 an ounce

19 micron White Merino Wool                                                             $ 2.50 an ounce

19 micron Black Merino Wool                                                             $ 2.75 an ounce

Corriedale/Cheviot Wool                                                                     $1.25 an ounce

Nylon for sock yarn                                                                             $1.35 an ounce

Ecru Bamboo                                                                                      $1.45 an ounce

Dyed Bamboo                                                                                     $ 2.00 an ounce

Tussah Silk - extra bleached                                                               $ 3.50 an ounce

Sari Silk Waste (when we have it)                                                       $ 6.00 an ounce

Tencel                                                                                                  $1.50 an ounce


        We DO NOT sell fiber to the general public. We carry these fibers for blending with our customer orders.

Frequently asked questions

Do I get my own fiber back?

Yes- ALWAYS! That's why we call it custom processing. We process your natural fibers just for you the way you want it done. :-) We are always looking for ways to not only improve our techniques, but also coming up with "different" looks. We want you to STAND OUT in the crowd if selling your wares. We also treat it as if it were our own fiber. Often we will contact you if we think there is a better process for your fibers. Example- a coarser fiber you want to be lace weight yarn might be better spun as a thick single or rug yarn.

Can there be more charges?

Yes- here is a list of additional charges: 1. Extra Washing due to very dirty fibers - $2.50 incoming weight 2. Dyeing your fibers - $15 per color batch based on the incoming weight - up to 3 pounds 3. Heavy VM Charge due to wear & tear of our machines - $2.50 per pound finished weight 4. Skirting your fibers- $2.50 per pound incoming weight 5. Addition of merino at current price of $2.00 per ounce - pound pricing available. 6. Addition of other fibers, call or write for pricing. Remember, there is a 2 pound minimum charge on all processing charges

Payment Information

We DO NOT require a deposit. Prices do not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes
Prices may be subject to change without notice We will send you an invoice via Square.
Payments made by check or money order should be made payable to Spinderellas Creations and you must specify that at the time of billing.
You will have 7 business days to pay your bill. After 7 days, customer will be charged a late fee of 5 % of the bill or $15, whichever is greater. We do not like to do this, but we have had no choice :-(
Balances owing on finished product after 30 days from completion of processing becomes the property of Spinderellas Creations and we will sell it for processing costs and storage.
Fiber left for 1 month without direction of processing, after being contacted by us, will become property of Spinderellas Creations.
Fiber arriving in house without proper paperwork or identification becomes property of Spinderellas Creations, we simply do not have time to track owners of sent fiber.
At management's discretion, a fee may be charged for having to discard large amounts of unusable fiber to cover our removal costs.

Who is Spinderellas Creations?

We are a small family owned and operated custom fiber mill and boutique. We are blessed to work from home since our youngest son is quadrupeligic and deaf. We are able to keep him home and care for him. We opened our doors in 1995, and have been a custom fiber mill with a desire to help ranchers with their fibers. We are constantly looking for new products to add value to the fibers you raise.

Terms and Conditions

Prices subject to change All orders will be paid in full before leaving the mill 10% late fee, not less than $15, will be added after 7 days of sending your invoice. If payment is not recieved within a 30 day period from the day we sent the invoice, the fiber will become property of Spinderella's Creations. We guarantee our work 100% ! If you are not pleased with our work, contact us upon arrival of the order to your home via email or phone 801.487.8372, with the reason(s) you are not satisfied with your order and we will make sure everything is worked out to your satisfaction.

Assurance for Quality Products Guarantee

Your satifation is of utmost importance at Spinderellas Creations. We understans that we are working with your precious, often, pets. We will treat your fiber as if it is our own. Jim is the Master Spinner at Spinderellas and personally guarantees to give you the best quality product possible from your fiber. Jim is able to look at a sample of yarn and match it with your fibers. It is best to send in a sample of the same fiber type, since each fiber spins differently. Understand that fibers are not all created equal and often you will not recieve a "perfect" store bought yarn. There are often soft spun fibers in your yarn, due to varied lengths of fiber over 1" in length. Jim usually writes on your order form reasons why this happened. Jim and Lynn treat your fibers as if they were their own. Lynn may contact you to suggest other ways to use your fibers to optimize the uniquenss of your fibers. For instance, someone wanting yarn from a course fiber, may be better served as rug yarn. If something doesn't go quite right, as it sometimes does when working with natural fiber, we will either offer a discount or buy back the yarn, minus shipping, Your satisfaction is important. We know if you cannot work with or sell the product(s) they are of no use to you. We promise we make it right If you are ever disappointed with the quality of our work, we NEED to hear from you. We have no way of knowing unless you communicate with us! We also listen to you, a suggestion, another way of looking at things. That is how we all learn.

Dropping fiber off? Please make an appointment. 
Accepting new customers on a limited basis

Liberty Wells - Salt Lake City, UTAH , United States 84105 

801.487.8372 landline

801.668.0563 cell

At Spinderellas Creations Fiber Processing Mill, we are committed to our core philosophies:

  • sustainability

  • minimally processed wool- alpaca - mohair

  • hands that touch each item from farm to finished goods

  • support of local ranchers

  • support of local business

  • slow craft /slow textile products.

For us it’s more than a philosophy,

it's a way of life.

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