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Processing Order Form

Click to print our  PDF Order form 

Please choose either a PDF or Word Doc order form and print for each batch of fibers.


If you chose to have value added products made with your fibers, please add that on the order form.

When filling out our order forms, we suggest that you print the 1st page only once. The 1st page has all of your contact information and one batch form. Page 2 has 2 batch forms and can be printed as many times as needed for each bag of fiber to process. 

If you have other instructions for us, please write on the back of the order form or send a written or typed page. If we have any questions we will call you, so please send us a GOOD contact phone number.  We are not "text" people and would rather speak to you in person to make sure your order is completed the way you want . Thank Ewe

  • Due to severe allergies- we do NOT process Rabbit or Suri Alpaca

  • We DO NOT take alpaca 3rds- use them for mulch please

  • Know that we are not able to spin Alpaca 2nds or coarse blankets into anything but rug yarn

  • If you do not put an order form or a contact into in the bag we will not process the fiber at the time it is pulled to start processing and will be sent to the city compost - we cannot store fiber or contact a medium to tell us who it belongs to - ( wink wink) 

  • If any of your fiber comes into the mill for processing with bugs- eggs or larva- it will be tossed IMMEDIATELY!! This is why it is best to process your fibers as soon as you shear- especially for alpaca- alpaca seems to attract moths more than wool.

  • AGAIN: WE DO NOT GIVE MILL TOURS- we simply have no time with running the business and taking care of 2 handicapped "kiddos". Thank you for understanding. 

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