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Please choose either a PDF or Word Doc order form and print for each batch of fibers.


If you chose to have value added products made with your fibers, we have included a check box next to each item. We will contact you with questions before we proceed. Our very talented weavers and knitters will make one of a kind items for you, gifts or for re-sale.

When filling out our order forms, we suggest that you print the 1st page only once. The 1st page has all of your contact information and one batch form. Page 2 has 2 batch forms and can be printed as many times as needed for each bag of fiber to process. 

If you have other instructions for us, please write on the back of the order form or send a written or typed page. If we have any questions we will call you, so please send us a GOOD contact phone number.  We are not "text" people and would rather speak to you in person to make sure your order is completed the way you want . Thank Ewe

Dropping fiber off? Please make an appointment. 
Accepting new customers on a limited basis

Liberty Wells - Salt Lake City, UTAH , United States 84105 

801.487.8372 landline

801.668.0563 cell

At Spinderellas Creations Fiber Processing Mill, we are committed to our core philosophies:

  • sustainability

  • minimally processed wool- alpaca - mohair

  • hands that touch each item from farm to finished goods

  • support of local ranchers

  • support of local business

  • slow craft /slow textile products.

For us it’s more than a philosophy,

it's a way of life.

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