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Best way to ship your fibers to a mill

We all know the rising cost of shipping and with our products, it can be VERY expensive due to the fact that shippers base their cost on dimensional weight.  We find that are a few tricks to save in that department.

  • Lay the fleece out cut side facing down. 

  • Fold the sides inward and begin to roll from the tail to the neck.

  • If you cannot roll the fleece, just place it in a plastic bag and try and get it flat. Roll the bag.

  • Place fleece into a plastic bag 

  • Using a vacuum cleaner with a cloth over the handle, begin to suck out all the air in the bag.

  • Some people use tape or cellophane to wrap the fiber tightly

  • Some people use twistie ties, but these are not as reliable

  • Place your  "fiber roll" in your box - trying to use the smallest box possible. ​

  • You can see from the photo this box would only hold one fleece if this method was not used. There are already 4 fleeces in this box, and it will probably hold one more. 

  • Tape the outside of the box securely going around the box on ALL SIDES as well as around the corners- this helps the box not "explode"

 Spinderellas Fiber Mill switched to Pirate Ship for all of our shipping. It has FedEx beat by at least $20 per box!! They use UPS or USPS, and will pick up for a small charge, but it still beats having your own accounts or using our FedEx Shipping. Check them out  Pirate Ship

Wool for shipping in a box
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