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wool roving


Spin your own fibers with our easy to spin roving 

Davis and Ferber Card


Our 1923 circa carding machine.

This is where 1/2 the magic happens

Lopi Yarn


Let us spin you a yarn.

From rug to lace 

We are a family owned and operated custom fiber mill.
Our mission is to help the small family ranchers with their fleeces in the way of added value products.

PLEASE CONTACT US- to make an appointment to ship your fibers. We have limited space and do not want our turn around time to be over 6 months.

We will process your fiber into batts, roving , yarn as well as a few finished goods such as woven rugs, leashes and other assorted items. 

We ARE currently taking NEW WOOL CUSTOMERS.
Email us for more information.

We have been working with fiber for over 30 years.
Lynn is an
 experienced hand spinner, weaver, and felter.
Jim knows his way around the spinning frames and can create yarns to your liking. 

We stand behind our work 100%  of the time !!!

If local, we ask that you fill out order forms, place them in each bag,
and drop your fiber on our front porch. 

2023 - A Few things.....​

  • We are not a Retail Shop

  • Current turn around up to 6 months

  • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY !! $50 deposit required.

  • We do not give estimates- prices are on the website


  • We do not give mill tours.

  • You cannot help process your fiber

  • We are not taking apprentices

  • We wash ALL fiber arriving in house

  • Please do not call or write to ask where your order is in line unless it has been more than 8 months

  • If you want to make sure we received your boxes, we ask that you keep your tracking numbers. We simply do not have the time to answer all of these inquiries 

  • We do not sell fiber to the general public

  • We do not buy wool, alpaca or mohair 

  • We do not process alpaca 3rds

  • If your order has no contact info in each bag, it will be thrown away.  

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