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Our 1923 circa carding machine.

This is where 1/2 the magic happens

The end of an era. 
We regret to inform you that Spinderella's will be closing in Spring of 2024. Having opened the doors in 1995, this was a very difficult decision, but one we have had to make, we will be selling our mill, and will finish what we have in house for our valued customers who have become friends.

We are VERY EXCITED to introduce you to the new owner!
We will be staying on for quite a while, teaching, working with and consulting. This mill equipment is staying in place, all that is changed is the owner and name of the mill.

Please welcome Jo Cosby- owner/operator of Altitude Fleece and Fiber

We ask that you would write a welcome letter to her- being a fiber enthusiast- she will be GREAT!!!

Altitude Fleece and Fiber

We know she will continue the great service you are accustomed to from Spinderellas. 

Extras - Sold Individually + shipping

Priced as is or make reasonable offer

  • 190+# Merino Roving colored/white  $ 4000

  • 31# Colored Bamboo Roving  $600

  • 64 oz angelina assorted  $100

  • 4.5# pounds silks  $50 

  •                     Buy all fiber $3500 - Pending

  • Double Head Pin Drafter and coilers $25,000- PENDING


Laurel Stone -
Apple Creek Merino

Spinderella’s Creations has been my mill of choice for the past several years, for processing my
fine merino fleeces into both yarn and roving. I have been very pleased with the quality of the
work and the products made from my flock’s fiber. I have not had any fiber come back to me
seeming “shredded” or mistreated whatsoever. Not only do I sell these products to other fiber
artists, with many many return customers, but I also use the yarn for my own knitting and the
roving for handspinning yarn as well as felting projects.
I recommend this mill’s equipment for processing of finewool fibers.

Katie Haven
The Lamb Ranch

 I have felt so lucky to be one of your customers and appreciate the care and attention you give to each order.  It just won’t be the same without you. 

Barbara Broomfield

I am so very saddened with the news that you'll be closing the mill. You have always processed my fibers in the best way. I tried a few other mills, but your products are so superior.  This is a terrible loss to the fiber community.

Stanley Petrowski
Singing Falls Mohair

You did the best work in the whole world as far as taking woe begotten
fibers and making gold out of them. 

Bill Beranek and
Mario Garcia
Rancho Inca Alpacas LLC

Spinderella has been processing our alpaca fiber for 15 years.   We’ve sent various qualities and microns to them to process yarn, rug yarn, roving, batts and felt. 

The processing has been superb.   No matter the quality or state of the fiber Lynn and Jim have produced excellent product for us. 

Most of our microns range between 16 and 24.  Lynn was able to guide us to make the best processing decisions for our finished yarns. 

They have also processed yarn with our 13 to 15 micron fibers.  Lynn and Jim were able to blend other natural fibers with these low micron fibers to make beautiful yarns. 

They did the same with higher micron fibers to produce lovely rug yarn, felt and batts.

Lynn taught us how to utilize our fiber to make roving that fiber artists call a “spinner’s dream”.  We cannot keep it on the shelves.

Lynn and Jim shared their knowledge and abilitities which made us successful in the art of processing low to high micron alpaca fiber.


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