Spinderella's Fiber Mill

1640 South 600 East * Salt Lake City~ UT * 84105 * 801.668.0563

This is Meriwether's Home - an old building older than she is, which makes her feel young! Our home was build in 1903, and this original building housed the horses and the horseless carriage.

So I sent my fibers, now what?

a mill building

When its your turn

Lynn takes each bag out of the boxes and weighs them for washing weight. Each bag is written on with that information, as well as your order form. This stays with the fleece through the whole process. They are hand washed in lots of no more than 5 pounds, and placed on the drying racks with heaters and fans in the winter or outside racks in the summer time. It may take up to 2 days to dry your fibers.

The Star of the Show- Meriwether Next stop is a visit with Ms. Meriwether. She is our 1932 circa mill carder. She is 48" wide, but we only use about 1/3 - 1/2 of her at a time. This creates a thinner roving.
She can really work! There are a few older movies that you can watch- these were taken before we did more work on her. We slowed down the motor and also had a new feeding table made. All of these changes helps get a better end product for you.

Jim stands on the front end of the machine and weights carefully all the fibers to be put onto the table. This varies based on fiber types, but generally between 2-4 ounces per table. a mill building

Lynn sits on the other end and hand rolls the roving into those flat roving bumps many of you have come to know so well. rolling a roving

After Carding

roving ready to ship home

We package and weigh your roving in plastic tube bags and ready them for shipping home to you.

But often, your roving is sent to the draw frame to be drawn- or attenuated into a thinner and more aligned roving for spinning. This is our drawn frame. His name is "Happy Joe Lucky"

a draw frame

If you want your fibers spun into yarn......

After the fiber has been through the draw frame several times, it is taken in blue drums to the rear of the spinning frame. Her name is Gertie.

a draw frame After Jim makes adjustments for twist, length, and diameter of the yarn, the fiber will spin for several hours - plying takes more time. Being that Gertie only has 4 spindles, this takes more time to finish the yarn. We hope to add a sister to Gert in the future, with more spindles, but until that happens we are happy with her and she works very hard for us - the end result is some wonderful yarns!

If you want your fibers felted ......

We can make sheets of felt for you from your fibers, up to 50" wide ! a wet felting machine by Feltcrafts

Meet Proud Mary.
Proud Mary came to live with Spinderella in March of 2011. She is a wet felting machine able to do 50" wide fabric. Depending on the weight of the fabric, we hear she can handle up to 25 yards! Whew! We have not tried that amount yet, but maybe a yurt is in our furture. Look for her video on our carding movies page.

Photo's of Yarns and Roving

Yarn Samples- one is a novelty

Twist Yarns

Center pull roving

Simcha is our boss! Watching ever so carfully to make sure your fibers are well cared for - after all....she IS a BRIARD - a herding dog!


Jim and Lynn Snell
1640 S. 600 E
SLC,UT 84105
email: spinderellas523@msn.com

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