We have caught up to within a reasonable turn around time, 3-4 months, and are accepting new customers. If you are interested in having us process your alpaca, wool or any other fiber, please contact us spinderellas523@msn.com

If you have been a customer in the past, please note we will still be taking your orders with no pre-requests. We want to take care of our customer base in a timely manner instead of a year wait.

Choosing a Fleece

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The following information is from our experiences in the processing business. We have gained knowledge from different sources, from our own processing experiences, to our friends the shepherds and shepherdess' who share their experiences with us so freely.

Photos are sheep with good fleeces- not the problems we are talking about. We just liked the photos. :o)

A good spinning fleece

cute sheep face When looking for a fleece for you to have made into roving or possibly have Jim spin it into yarn for you , there are a few things to keep in mind. What is this fiber to be used for?

Though the wool may differ in softness you should always look for soundness!

Faults - things to watch out for!!!

cute sheep face


Jim and Lynn Snell
1640 S. 600 E
SLC,UT 84105
email: spinderellas523@msn.com

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