We have caught up to within a reasonable turn around time, 3-4 months, and are accepting new customers. If you are interested in having us process your alpaca, wool or any other fiber, please contact us spinderellas523@msn.com

If you have been a customer in the past, please note we will still be taking your orders with no pre-requests. We want to take care of our customer base in a timely manner instead of a year wait.

Welcome To Spinderella's

1640 South 600 East * Salt Lake City~ UT * 84105 * 801.668.0563

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday 9 am - 6 pm ~ Friday 9 am - Noon
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Fiber Drop Offs upon APPOINTMENT ONLY

Jim and Lynn Snell We are a family owned fiber processing company. We have been working with fiber, carding and spinning yarns, and involved within the fiber arts community since 1990, when Lynn learned the art of weaving. Spinderella's Creations started with the purchase of "Meriwether", the mill carder, in 1995, offering washing and carding services only. In January, 2004 we added Spinning yarns to our operation with the newest equipment arriving in 2011. We now offer De-hairing, rug yarns, weaving and felting services, with hopes to add more services for you in the near future.

Dean The Boss

Jim, Lynn and our son Deanie are the Spinderella Team. Deanie keeps us in line, and is always smiling.

We have been blessed with ability to work from home and take care of Deanie full time. You see, Deanie is severely handicapped with deafness and no mobility - a spastic quadriplegic. We care for him at home and try and make a better life for this Special guy. He turned 28 years old on May 7th 2015!! We celebrate each day with him as he has long lived the expectations of the medical community. Deanie's life and happiness is important to us and we stay busy with skiing, dancing, horseback riding and baseball teams, all while enjoying his family and his 3 dogs and processing your fibers.

You can read more about him on our About Us Page or take a gander at a few of the videos we have made for him.

Skiing with NAC

A Day with the Colorado Rockies

A Special Dance Class

Deanie's Baseball Team

Thank You for the Opportunity to Serve

Our custom fiber processing mill was open in 1995 with the purchase of a 1923 circa mill carder named Meriwether. She is able to process not only all types of wool, but alpaca, mohair, blends of silk and wool, dog, & more. Whether you want your fiber turned into roving or yarn, your fibers are treated with care, all the work is done by hand by Jim or Lynn. So please be patient when sending us your fibers.

We make every attempt to return your fibers in a timely matter, but we have become so busy our turn around times have gotten longer and longer and longer. Please remember, it is only Jim and Lynn who do all the work to hand wash, card and spin your fibers- when we get so many orders that are 300 pounds and over, it DOES take a while to process.

Though we have gotten extremely busy, we are not in a position to hire any one as is often suggested by customers. Our growth is a double edged sword. We certainly do not want to lose who we are and enjoy being a part of so many of the family ranches in this country. It is like being a part of a really large extended family! If you find yourself in a big hurry, then sadly, we are not the mill for you. But if you do have some patience maybe you would chose to have us process for you. either way- we wish you the BEST in all things!

If after reading the information about our wait time,currently up to 1 year, and you send your fibers anyway, once they are in house, logged and put in our large storage facility, you want your fibers back without processing, we will return your fibers to you upon reciept of shipping and handling. The handling fee of $5.00 per box is for the cost of time and gas to retrieve your fibers from storage.

We do want to thank so many of you for your continued support and also for referring us to your friends. You have made Spinderella's Fiber Mill what it is today! It has been a joy to talk to many of you on the phone and an extra privilege whenever we get to meet some of you face to face.

As always -
Blessings and Peace to all of you!
Remember.... A merry heart IS good medicine!

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Why does it take so long?

Updated as often we can. Websites take time too. :-)

These are orders we are currently working on. They may be in the wash room,on the drying racks, or in line to be processed in the mill; possibly being woven or felted. Please do not write us and ask where your order is, though we will try and answer you, we canot guarantee to answer you. We simply do not have the time to look and see where you are in the line.

Please note that many of the orders you see on this list are over 100 pounds and some are as large as 500 pounds. Many are not one or two fleeces.

We WILL contact you when your order is completed or if we have questions on your order. Trust us, we are peddling as fast as we can. We understand the frustrations of waiting and we do not blame you if you cannot wait for us to process your fibers. If you do not want to wait any longer, we can ship your fibers home to you or to another mill of choice. We ask that you pay for the shipping. We know there are some other mills who may be able to move your orders a bit more quickly. We thank you for looking our way.

Please note: Invoices not paid within 20 days of the invoice become property of Spinderella's Fiber Mill and will be sold to cover the cost of the invoice.

Where you are in the queue - June 2015

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  • Rancho Inca Alpacas
  • Lis Mott
  • Barbara Broomfield
  • Jeanine Tindall
  • Selma Carrow
  • Tammy Demmick
  • Jason and Kelley Hollbrook
  • JoAnn Sloan
  • Libby Buchler
  • Julie Noh
  • Bluebonnet Hills Alpaca
  • Lene" B
  • Jerry Hadd

    Jim and Lynn Snell
    1640 S. 600 E
    SLC,UT 84105
    email: info@spinderellas.com

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