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"Making beautiful things from your animal fibers since 1995"
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Hello - We're glad you stopped by. We are a family owned and operated custom fiber mill.
We opened Spinderella's Creations in 1995, with washing and carding services only.
We have grown to be a full service fiber mill offering not only washing and carding services, but also spinning, felting, weaving and other finished Spinderella Products.

Jim and Lynn Snell have been encouraging our customers to promote the “slow wear” and “slow textile” movement that reconnects us to the source of the fibers we wear and use in our every day lives. This is similar to the farm-to-fork, “slow food” movement, that reconnects us to our food....
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Whether you choose to use our services or another mill, we would like to think the information you have found here will help you make great decisions for your fibers. We wish you all the best as you journey in the wonderful world of fiber! 

        We are not taking any new customers at this time. Thank you. 

WooliePig Studios Logo WooliePig Studios

We are pleased to offer a spot on the web showcasing the wonderfully talented people among our customers. 

spinderellas yarn on cones Beautful Yarns

Jim loves to "spin a good yarn" especially in the mill, where his master skills are very believable. Whether you want a fingering yarn or knitting or a thicker yarn to make a rug, we offer services that achieve the results you will be proud to wear or sell.

fancy Spinderellas Twist Roving Unique Roving

Creative and unique products is what you will find at Spinderellas. We love helping you create those one of a kind products you will enjoy! 

little lamb Wonderful Woolies

Wool gives superior performance to man-made fibres, and as wool is a naturally occurring fibre it brings so many other amazing benefits...

felted batts Batts - Felting

Another way to process your fibers it to have it turned into batts. Batts are great for felting into fabric for clothing or shoe inserts. 

alpacas Alpaca Information

Alpacas : beautiful and enchanting South American animals.  Bred specifically for their fiber which is used for knitted and woven products.....

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